Are You Prepared?
Organizations need “Speed to Insight, Lawfully and Ethically.” Without this speed to insight, organizations will be left behind in the highly competitive recovery marketplace. On the flipside, without gaining this insight lawfully and ethically, they face risks of liability or disruption to operations.
  • Processing digital assets to create timely, data-driven insights is increasingly important due to disruptions caused by COVID-19.
  • The organizations that will re-emerge stronger are the ones that are driving digital transformation to maximize data value for the benefit of their customers.
  • Traditional centralised data protection technologies, including encryption, anonymisation, static tokenization, and differential privacy:
    • Significantly degrade the utility of data, distorting the accuracy and predictability of the insights you need;
    • Fail to deliver effective protection against unauthorized re-identification; and
    • Limit the further use of valuable data for non-primary purposes.
Anonos’ technology and intellectual property (IP) portfolio enable future-proofed “Speed to Insight, Lawfully & Ethically” from digital transformation – for decades to come – by enabling fully protected batch and real-time use, sharing, combining and enrichment of high risk / high-value multi-data asset ecosystems (“Big Data”) on a global basis while preserving 100% of source data value.
Gary LaFever
CEO & General Counsel
Doug Laney
Principal, Data & Analytics Strategy Best-Selling Author of "Infonomics"